How we help you plan for healthcare.

You might hear advance care planning (the technical term for what we do) described as getting your affairs in order or even talking about death, but here’s what Canopy really helps you do.



Step 1

Feel comfortable right from the start.

Once you log in, we’ll take you through a short intake questionnaire to help ensure the rest of your experience with Canopy is tailored to you and your goals.


Step 2

Listen to an audio coach as dedicated as you are.

Using audio guides and simple question and answer sets, we’ll walk you through identifying your medical proxy, core values, and medical preferences.


Step 3

Sign and file simply and securely.

We’ll help you complete, sign, and file important legal and medical documents that family, friends, and medical providers may need.


Step 4

Consult with your care team.

If you’re using Canopy at the request of your doctor, Canopy makes it easy to talk with them about your wishes and get any of your questions answered.


Step 5

Share with the people you love.

All of your answers, documents, and important information are added to your profile, which you can share securely with your family, friends, and anyone else who may need it. (We'll also help you explain to them what it means.)



Get started.

We put technology to work for (future) patients like you, making it easy to clarify your wishes for everyone who may need them someday.