Patients plan easier with Canopy.


See how our human-centered technology can help your organization reach more people better.



Extend your efforts.

We package education, coaching, and sharing into sessions patients can complete at home, a natural next step from their in-person visits with you.

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An experience patients love.

As part of your organization’s advance care planning process, patients get a referral to Canopy that’s as easy to set up as a Facebook account.

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See patient progress.

As each patient move through Canopy’s steps, we’ll help you track their progress so you’ll know where you stand at your next appointment.


High security, always.

Keeping data safe is our highest priority. We use HIPAA-compliant security practices to ensure protected health information (PHI) stays secure.


Follow-up over time.

Through new sessions and tailored check-ins we help ensure your patient’s wishes stay current.


Better info, better outcomes.

With more accurate wishes on record and more informed and prepared families, Canopy helps ensure appropriate care reaches all patients.



Get started today.

Schedule a demonstration and we’ll help you understand how our technology fits with your existing practices.