Clarify your wishes.

Our digital tool can help you prepare for your journey through healthcare and ready yourself for the complexity of modern medicine.

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Become a master of your future health.

Our education sessions help you visualize the challenges you might encounter in healthcare.


Turn your desire for dignity into action.

Build formal legal documents and record your wishes to provide support for your family.


Put information in the right hands.

Share your digital profile with easily so your family and care team start on the same page.


Do you work in healthcare?

See what our enterprise solutions can do to support advance care planning at your organization.


Planning made simple.

We put technology to work for (future) patients like you, making it easy to prepare the information your loved ones and medical providers may need someday.


Wherever you are.

Canopy works on any device: smartphone, tablet or computer.


In your words.

Use video and audio recording technology to provide nuance to those you love.


With your doctor.

We work with health organizations to ensure Canopy reaches people like you.


Values first.

It’s easy to get caught up in medical what-ifs‭, ‬but Canopy leads with personal values to support complex decisions‭.‬


Share easily.

We can sync your wishes to a profile for your loved ones and to the EHR system your doctors use.


For everyone.

We’re committed to health equity and ensuring access to planning for people from all walks of life.


Plan today for tomorrow.

Get started and finish the first step in only a few minutes.


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